Granada – The Place Has Everything To Please You

Granada is a Nicaraguan city located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. The city is the home to many Spanish colonial landmarks that has the imprint of survival after repeated pirate invasions. The main attraction of the city is its main plaza i.e. the Central Park. The park is dominated by the colorful, vibrant, neoclassical facade of the Cathedral of Granada, which belongs to 1583. The other attractions of the city include


  • Iglesia La Merced


When you have come to Granada, you can start your tour by visiting one of the most beautiful churches in the city, Iglesia La Merced. This is a landmark and was built in the year 1534. The bell tower here gives a spectacular view during sunset, and this is a picturesque moment. The church has been damaged many times by pirates and forces of William Walker and has been restored. The church has the important image of the Virgen De Fátima Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo.

  • Reserva Natural Laguna De Apoyo

The 200m-deep, belong to 200-centuries-old, Crater Lake is said to be the deepest and clearest lake in the country. This is the best place to visit for travelers who love peace and want to spend some time with nature. This is a natural reserve technically, but, the wild area has numbers of hotels near the shore of the lake.

  • Mi Museo

If you love history, this is the museum you should visit. The museum displays a private assortment of ceramics dated from 2000 BC to the present time. There is a huge collection, which is admired and surprising.

  • Museo De Chocolate

If you are travelling you’re your kids, Granada’s new chocolate museum is the place you should visit. This is entertaining and exciting, both. Here, you and your kids will get the opportunity not only to watch the chocolate preparation process, but also try hand making Nicaraguan chocolate bar. The museum also has chocolate spa, which you can enjoy giving a small amount of fee.

You can get more information about Granada from the travel planners.

Sydney – Explore And Experience The Visit of a Lifetime

Sydney is not only one of the largest and oldest city of Australia, but also a modern Marvel. Sydney is amongst the most spectacular cities in the world and also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. The modern architecture of the city along with its vast beaches, give it a truly magnificent look. There are many places in the city which you can visit. The main attractions of the city are the Australian Museum, the world-famous Bondi Beach, the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, the Australian National Maritime Museum, Museum of Sydney, Chinese Garden, Nilsson Park, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.


  • Sydney Opera House


The Sydney Opera House is really a gorgeous place to visit. The breathtaking views around it make it one of the most popular destinations in Sydney. You can choose to see the Sydney Harbor through the sea. From Circular Quay, a ferry can be taken to Manly, Kirribilli, Watsons, and dozens of such destinations.


  • Bondi Beach


Bondi beach is also a very popular destination. It is about 1 km long and has white sand. More than two and half million visitors visit the Bondi beach every year. It is also known as a surfer’s paradise and is very popular among the surfers.


  • Sydney Tower


Sydney tower is the highest viewpoint of Sydney. It is also known as Sydney’s Skywalk. The tourists are given a walk through the history and culture of Australia using 3D screens and the commentary, which can be set to your language of choice. Sydney is also famous for its food. The snow egg quay and the Portuguese tart are one the most sought after dishes.


  • Botanical Garden and other spectacular places


Sydney’s architecture is an amalgamation of Victorian style buildings and new modern skyscrapers. The city also is home to many big and famous parks. The Royal Botanic garden, the Centennial Park and Moore Park are pretty popular among the locals as well as the tourists.


  • The beaches


So, you can visit Sydney to relax on the beautiful beaches, you can dine at some of the very popular restaurants and visit the beautiful locales in and around the city.

Top Places Worth Visiting When in San Jose California

San Jose is a growing popular city in Northern California that is on the list of most who, while the sun and sea as well as the Spanish flavor of life. Being the third most populated city in the state, it is located close to San Francisco Bay. Today it has developed as an affluent county in the state and forms a significant city to visit in the San Francisco bay area.

The city’s distinct cultural traditions hail from the Spanish settlements that inhabited the region and led to the founding of the city in 1777. It is the first city that was founded in California. The area had an economic boom on a massive scale and by the nineties the city along with Silicon Valley had become global centers for high tech and the internet industry. Being a global city today, it has now risen to the ranks of being one of the wealthiest and major cities of the country.

When you come to San Jose as a visitor, stop by certain landmark points that showcase history of the region. The Tech Museum of Innovation is a unique modern museum here that has hands on exhibits for all ages as well as an IMAX theatre.

The Winchester mystery house is another unique tourist destination here. It is a quirky mansion that has odd architectural design features. It is said to have been designed for confusing guests.

The Sunol regional wilderness is a park that comes with a scenic gorge as well as hiking trails. It is a popular place for recreational activities like camping, swimming and hiking.

Don Edwards is a national wildlife refuge which is a habitat formed for migrating and native animals. There are several migrating birds to be seen here as well as native fauna and flora.

Visit the Mission Peak, which is a summit located on a ridge in a public park called the Mission Peak Regional Preserve for hiking and mountaineering activities.

These are some of the several natural and manmade tourist attraction sites in San Jose.