The Best Places To Considering Visiting In New Zealand

New Zealand has two main islands in the north and south. There are unforgettable landscapes as well as lakes, lush greens and breathtaking scenery that makes this country a must visit destination. There are natural landmarks here that are stunning and need to be witnessed. Here are some top cities to visit in the country which are spread across the two islands.  Check out New Zealand when you have ample to to visit…


This is a place located in the Bay of Islands. It offers a small town feel, but there are several recreational opportunities here to explore. One could swim here with dolphins or try scuba diving at a site where a shipwreck called Rainbow Warrior is preserved.


This city is also known as the City of Sails. It is a populated and one of the largest cities of the country. Here one can check out Auckland Harbor Bridge and Auckland Domain where there are exhibits of the Pacific and Maori island artifacts on display.


This town is located on the South Island, which is known for adventure sports and related activities. The Southern Alps offer towering peaks as well as Lake Wakatipu which is a beautiful spot and popular with tourists. There are several restaurants and nightlife places to check out here as well.

Tongariro National Park

This is a national park that has a diverse ecosystem such as volcanoes that are active, tranquil lakes, forests, herb fields and plateaus. One can find the Taranaki Falls here as well as check out the lava lines that are left here by volcanic eruptions that took place.


This is a seaside resort that is located on the North Island. Known to be the Art Deco capital, one will find architecture here of the 1930s. The National Aquarium of the country is also located here where one will find turtles to crocodiles even.