Coroico– Relax At The Lap Of Nature

Coroico is the city located in western Bolivia. With mountains offering incredible views, pretty waterfalls, coca plantations, Coroico offers a secluded and peaceful place for complete relaxation. It also offers many nature-related adventure activities. The places to visit include

  • Ruta De La Muerte – excellent adventure trail

This adventure biking trail is extremely narrow and offers lovely landscapes and incredible views. This is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world, hence known as the death road. Bikers can have an exciting journey between breath taking mountains. This road connects La Paz to Coroico city. Buses are available for transport through this road from these cities.

  • San Juan Waterfalls – the best place to enjoy nature

There are three cascades in San Juan.  This offers nice trekking experience in the jungle. You can appreciate the greenery and the fauna during the hike.  You can swim in the man-made structure at the base of the second waterfall. Good place for camping and enjoying nature.

  • Takesi Trail – most impressive Hispanic road

Takesi trail in Bolivia is a 40 km road linking Altiplano plateau and Yungus. This was the transport and communication link of the Incas.  The road is an example of the great pre-Columbian Hispanic paved construction. The trail features water channels and wall to protect the trail from flooding. Hiking the trail taking 2-3 days is the best option to relax. The best time to visit is from May to October.

  • Cerro Uchumachis – amazing view from mountains

This is a mountain summit that offers an amazing view as it rises above the Coroico town. You can visit the chapel of El Calvario on the hiking path. It will take around 2 hours to get to the summit and to return. These hikes are preferred by most of the travelers for the beauty of nature.

  • Tocana – visit the Cocoa Fields and the Bolivian culture

Tocana is a village inhabited by Afro-Bolivians and is located 14 miles from Coroico. A visit to the village offers the view of coca fields and traditional Bolivian culture.