Iloilo – A City of the Ilonggo People

Image result for iloilo cityIloilo is a city I discovered that had urban comforts, scaled-down as compared to Manila, the capital of the country. It is, however, the largest city in the Panay region. What is characteristic of this place is the people here, known as Ilonggo.  I was fascinated by what he shared and really got me intrigued & excited to visit and learn more.

Cityscape Features

People here are connected to the history of the place as well as stay invested in future developments as well. Hence, the community here follows distinct traditions and customs that reflect in their lifestyles, retail as well as in their food. It is an old city that is by the Iloilo River. Over time it has developed its areas, for instance, the vibrant complex called Smallville or the Mandurriao district, the business park area called Megaworld and the riverside boulevard or Esplanade area.

Places to Visit

There are several places that one can visit here with a local tour. I went sightseeing that covered several places such as Miagao church, built around 1787 which has pyramidal towers and is an old church building. Casa Mariquit is an old historic building that has a grandiose design, owned by the prominent Philippines VP in 1803.

My tour also stopped by BulabogPuti, a national park which covers 847 hectares of forest area; there are about dozens of caves here which is a delight for spelunkers. A must visit is also at Museo Iloilo; here indigenous people of the Ati tribe have their weavings and other handicrafts on display.

City Eateries

SM City as several themed restaurants at the different malls among which I explored several. Wawa is a heritage restaurant here with Spanish and Chinese dishes of heritage value. The breakthrough restaurant is an open-air eatery where one can select fresh seafood for cooking. These are some of the several places to visit and local cuisine to explore while you are here.