It is the third-largest city in Hondura

La Ceiba, the Land of Happy is the perfect destination if you have an adventurous soul inside you like me. It is the third-largest city in Hondura. Here, I found nature truly at its best. There are plenty of things that you can take part in here and you are never going to run out of options. To make the most of your vacation, here are some things that you can check out.

Go Hiking through Pico Bonito

If you are a nature lover, you can hike through Pico Bonito. I was surprised to find out that this used to be availed by the Central American jungle’s king. If you decide to travel during the night, you can even get to see a jaguar. Different species of birds chirping along the way, it was a great experience. Some of these birds are unique and it is difficult to find it anywhere.

Go Out on a Trip to the Wildlife Refuge of Cuero y Salado

I took a taxi to the La Union town. Buses are also available. Board the railcar to enter the wildlife refuge. Thereafter, you have to board a skiff guided by someone who is going to take you pointing out the whole fauna and flora that the region entails. I also caught sight of raccoons, different species of monkeys, 4-meter long crocodile, and exotic birds. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see a manatee.

Spend the Night with Garifuna Islanders

Get to Sambo Creek, only twenty-minutes away from La Ceiba. I got on a fishing boat and headed on a tour to Hog Islands or Coyos Cochinos. I had delicious grilled fish fresh from the water. On the east end of Cayo Chachahuate, you will find not more than 40 people. Here, you can spend some time among the stillness of nature.