Jeddah – The Desired City

Related imageJeddah is one of Saudi Arabia’s most bustling and oldest cities. The city is also the largest among the other cities around.  Being the oldest city in itself, the culture and the markets here offer you the taste of the country’s ancient times. When you interact with the people in the city, they always see Jeddah Ghair; this is what I have heard from over twenty different locals I interacted with when I found out that the phrase means that Jeddah is the best. This is how the locals always appreciate their city. This city here is the kind of place you will find everything, it is highly diversified. Here are some of my recommendations to visit.

Jeddah Waterfront

For over a period of a hundred years, the city has served as the prime seaports for all sorts of trading in and out activities being held around here. Due to being a premier location, the waterfront starting bustling with people, it became so crowded that people started comparing it with red sea and then declared it as the bride of it. The waterfront as many little kiosks around it which offers you some scrumptious seafood snacks, which you must have. Apart from that you can take a tour of the port through officials and see their work process.

Try Al Baik

Al Baik is to Saudi Arabia, what Mc Donald’s is to America. This the popular fast-food chain you will come across everywhere you go. This is the kind of dining experience trust me you don’t want to miss. You might think that what would you find special in a fast food joint, but the dishes prepared here are so unique you will yourself answer that question. You will get hummus crusted fried chicken with their special home-made garlic sauce and that is unbeatable.