Kanchanaburi: The City for History Buffs and Nature Lovers

Image result for kanchanaburi cityLocated only 130 kilometers away from Bangkok, this is the most popular destination for the locals and foreigners alike. In order to escape the busy life of Bangkok, I took a weekend tour to the city. There are many places to relax and spend some quality time with your family. Moreover, it is also filled with a rich history of World War II. Here are some of the exciting things that you can do when you are in Kanchanaburi.

Visit Death Railway Bridge

This is the most popular attraction in the city. It gained popularity after the movie had been filmed here. I came to learn that the bridge was made in Japan at Java. It had been brought over by them during World War II. The prisoners of the war used to be stationed here. It served as an important rail link between Burma and Thailand.

Enjoy a Train Journey

Even though the train journeys are pretty slow, I took a ride to catch the natural beauty and the wildlife of the country. The train leaves from Bangkok and is a great way to travel when you are not in a rush. Sit back and catch a glimpse of the ever-changing scenery through the window.

Drop-in an Elephant World

I have visited several elephant parks in Thailand but I have to say that this park is much different than the others. Here, you will find elephants that are abused, old, or sick. They were used previously for some kind of entertainment or work. This is an NGO and the money which is earned is recycled into the scheme. I spent the day working for the elephants and this is what you do in here. You will get to feed them, prepare their food, wash them, and also play with them.