Things to Do in Jeju

Image result for jeju cityTake a flight from Seoul to Jeju to enjoy the wide range of natural attractions that this island offers. Jeju is just half an hour from Seoul. The attractive waterfalls, clean and clear beaches, lava tube caves, and many more natural wonders left me spellbound.  

Attractions in Jeju


  • Hallasan National Park


This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and my trip to this wonderful natural park was memorable. It is very picturesque and houses over 1800 varieties of flora and over 4000 species of animals.  If you are an adventurist, then you can even hike the Hallasan Mountains. 


  • Jeongbang Falls


This is another landmark and popular waterfall that you should not miss on your visit to Jeju Island. It is the only waterfall in Asia that flows directly into the ocean. To0 get the breathtaking and dazzling visuals of the sea, you need to get on top of the cliff to get access to the observatory. 


  • Jusangjeolli Cliff


This cliff was formed from the lava that erupted from the Hallasan Mountain. This lava flowed into the Jungmun Sea. It is a visual treat for your eyes and I liked the work of the stone pillars along the coast.


  • Love Land


If you are in a romantic mood and would like to turn horny at night, then this adult theme park must not be missed. There are plenty of huge sculptures of male reproductive organs and erotic scenes spread all over the park. You need to be 20 years of age or more to gain access to this park.


  • Iho Tewoo Beach


This is a beach very close to Jeju city. It is a natural beauty that has an attractive slope to it. There are a lot of activities that you can do here as a tourist like fishing, surfing, etc. The horse-shaped lighthouses are a landmark sight.