What has Ulsan in Store for its Tourists?

Image result for ulsan south koreaUlsan is the seventh largest metropolitan city in South Korea. No matter you are touring here for a family vacation or honeymoon or in groups, it has a lot to offer for all kinds of tourists. I would like to highlight the most important places and landmarks that I found worth visiting the city of Ulsan.

Attractions of Ulsan


  • Grand Park


This is a very large park that offers family members the option to enjoy a long walk, trails, water sport, and also to enjoy a good picnic. It is about 4 kilometers long and also includes small lakes, a butterfly garden, fountain, water park, etc.


  • Jangsaengpo Whale Museum


I was pretty excited to enter this museum as I wanted to know more about the whales. I would like to tell you that you will have a wonderful experience watching the whale skeletons, and to know more about them. It also has an underwater adventure zone.


  • Seoknamsa Temple


This temple was built in 842BC and is named based on the location. It was destroyed during the Japanese invasion and was rebuilt in 1674. This is now a Buddhist temple. The main attraction is the three-tier pagoda. It houses the Monk Doui statue as well.


  • Bangudae Cliff


This is a perfect spot to visit for all foreigners. The cliff has got its name as it looks like a turtle on the ground with its head touching down. I loved the site of the cliff and there were depictions of whaling and sea animals.


  • Ulsan Museum


I had high hopes about this museum after watching the whale museum and this too did not disappoint.  It is located in the Grand Park and has exhibits from all over the world including the history of Ulsan.


  • Ilsan Beach


This is one of the best beaches in Ulsan that allows you to enjoy the sand, water, and the sun. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the beach for tourists to catch up with a wide variety of Korean and international dishes.