Wuxi – Enjoy Wonderful Waterscapes Here

Did you know that this city is 3000 years old, located by the northern shores of Tai Lake in the southern border of Jiangsu province? Today it is one of the top ten tourist destinations you can visit in China. That is one of the reasons I planned to make it one of my stops when visiting Chinese cities. It is also because I love ancient caves and beautiful gardens which are here.

When I came here I was greeted by a moist and warm climate, the lush, green lands. It is also known as Land of Fish and Rice. The nearby waterways are the Grand Canal and Yangtze River. I can tell you that this port city dates back to the 19th century and has been known for its cloth and rice market, much of which can be found even today.

When you are here you will find the region to host modern bustling commercial areas as well as several local sports venues.

Explore the Tai Lake

This should be your first stop when you come by Wuxi city as it was mine. The water scenes by the lake are fascinating. Lake Taihu is known for the freshwater pearls that are found in the waters. Stop by the numerous stalls here to buy pearls and jewelry items as I did.

Stop by Turtle Head Isle

The waterscapes here were fascinating and I had a wonderful day here when I came by. The countryside scenes here are breathtaking, especially with landscaped gardens all around.

Resorts and More at Huishan Mountain

This mountain range, known to lie south of Yangtze River, first of its kind, is a scenic place to visit; you will find several resorts to stop by here and recreational activities to indulge in. I stayed a night here and had a wonderful time with my friends.

Other attractions that we stopped by to see were the Li Garden, Plum Garden, and Lingshan Grand Buddha. Book yourself a tour of the city, for a day or more and enjoy exploring these places, especially in spring or autumn season.