Xuzhou – Discover Unique Chinese traditions

There is something unique about it when I came here, with locals offering a friendly environment to travelers and being a walkable city in general. This is the fourth largest city of Jiangsu province of the country. There are distinct neighborhoods to explore here such as Peixian County which is famous for Wushu, a form of martial arts and Qijia village that is famous for Chinese chess.

I found it easy to get here as it is well connected to other cities of the country such as Shanghai, Lianyungang, and Shandong. The city is known to be a middle point between Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu provinces. The history of the place dates back thousands of years and it was a political and cultural center of Han dynasty whose several historic landmarks can be found here.

Stop by Handai San Jue

This is a place of attraction that showcases the history of the Han Dynasty and so I made it my first stop. The first emperor Gaozu was born here and there are countless historic landmarks left behind. You will find here Han tombs, sculptures of kings and warriors in stone and terracotta. There are several cultural and ancient relics that are housed around the scenic mountain ranges here.

Walk and Explore Pinyin, Meizhuang and Qijia Villages

These are villages around the city that I loved to explore. I stopped by Pinyin to check out the Chinese form of martial arts called Wushu; Mei Zhuang village had several places of culture and folk custom and I got to discover the Chinese form of chess in Qijia village.

Plan a Visit to Pan’anhu National Wetland Park

This wetland area is a scenic waterscape close to this city which you can reach by a hired car or with a city tour service. I spent much of my time here exploring unique species of flora and fauna.

The Scenic Mucheng Park

As all tourists do, I took a boat ride here and tried different recreational activities that are popular by this scenic local lake.

The above places are some of the numerous landmarks to explore and enjoy when you are at Xuzhou.